The services
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Web Applications

Social media, right? or those geeky websites... Instagram, Dropbox, Reddit are just web apps. You can get your own mind-blowing idea converted into a trending web app


Codemastr's got all those hardware and software acquisition, provision, licensing, installation, maintenance, and support problems solved quickly and efficiently

Android + IOS

Mobile applications are the new craze and makes things a whole lot more easier. You might have issues if you don't get one now!

Cloud based services

You don't need hardware anymore... Exactly, you don't! Codemastr provides them all for you on the cloud.

Web design + development

You can't do it yourself? You're not savvy enough? You've got no time for that website? Our web design and development services are just perfect for you.

About Us

Let me tell you a bit more, don't get bored yet.

Codemastr is immensely quality focused and a YOU-oriented organization with the aim of providing flawless Information and Technology (IT) services to individuals, small businesses and corporate organizations without worries. This is no small feat we have achieved and it's just the tip of the iceberg...

We offer this services with efficiency and state of the art equipment and qualified personnel. As a dealer and a leader in cutting edge technology, our goal is to provide YOU resources to make YOU stand as a leader in your industry. With Codemastr, imperfection and impossibility is a practical myth.

Now, let's talk about that seemingly amazing project of yours.

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How smooth implementation
of projects works!

Meet & Greet

"Hi! My name's Sally, rhymes with tally.
How do you do today?"A little socializing
wouldn't hurt, would it?

Going live and support

"And here we go! " Deployment of a project
to the public after rigorous testing. Our
Maintenance team

Discuss new idea

"A-ha! So... What's your idea? At this
stage, we go into full discussion and
planning of your project in details

Create the masterpiece

"Hold on my friend, this geeky part might be
fiendish to you! " Now your project is into
production to create a masterpiece

Our areas of

You haven't heard it all yet! Come, my guest let me show you what a pro this Codemastr is...

We at Codemastr specialize, major, fondle, tinker, experiment (and every other possible word of course!) in cutting edge software technologies, frameworks, content managing systems (CMS); coupled with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our expertise includes Python (Definitely not the snake!), Django (Of course not the guitar guy) , JavaFX (The cup of coffee guy), Flask (A little drink wouldn't hurt, would it?) CMS, Electron (No kidding here!), Lamp (Perhaps Aladdin's) etc.

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